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In “Generous Chennai” as described by Sree Ramaliga Vallalar, Particularly in The Nothern Side at Thiruvottiyur, in Pattinathar Street the SREEMATH RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL MADAM in Situated. It is an Historical Sanmarga sabhai.

This above Historical sabhai is blessed by Thiru Arulprakasa Ramanlinga Vallalar 150 years back. While Ramaliga Vallalar lived in Chennai he went to Arulmighu Vaduvudai Amman Temple, at Thiruvottiyur, and worshipped the Amman and returned to this Madam and sitting under a big tree (in Those days this area is surrounded by trees) and started meditation. Ramaliga Vallalar also made special speeches to those Who came and want his blessings. Later Ramaliga Vallalar left for vadalur and Chidambaram the people in this area convert this place as worshipping spot and secured this place with sacred.

On hearing the news that Ramaliga Vallalar has attained the Arutperunjothi on Thai possam day of 1874 th year, people and His disciples in this area, raised a “Deepam” and Worshipped this Deepam and protect it with at most care . In the year 1893, the “Kadalaygam” (House name) House members and this Thiruvottriyur Vallalar Disciples, Jointly Construct a Small Ashramam in this Madam and kept a Vallalar Paintings in this Ashramam and Started worshiping the Same. For few year this worship is continuously in progress and in the year 1905 a Twenty year old youngster namely PERUMALSAMY stayed in this Ashramam permanently and worshipped the “Deepam” without any break and feeding food to the hunger people.

In the year 1926 thiru Perumal samy Iyya build the inner sanctum of madalayam by using black stone. This we can clearly understood by seeing a stone sculpture of Madalayam.

Thiru perumal samy Avargal Expand this Madalayam from the Contribution of lands donated by the followers of Ramaliga Vallalar. This is clearly known from the stone sculpture dt .24.10.1939 namely “SREEMATH RAMALINGA SWAMIGAL KALANJIUM” He sacrifice his whole life for the SANMARGA Activities and many sanmarga worshipers Assist him for the growth of this Sreemath Ramalinga Swamigal Madalayam. At last 04.11.1959 Perumal samy iyya Avargal attained mortal life. His Tomb constructed in the grave yard which is nearer to Pattinathar koil, Thiruvottiyur.

The year 1958 is a Special year in the history of Madalayam. In this year Thiru Rajamanickam who is blood related to Thiru Parasuramar who is younger Brother to Ramaliga Vallalar, has became Tustee of this Madalayam . He brought sacred Mirror from the Ramaliga Vallalar House to this madalayam for people worship. This sacred mirror used by Ramaliga Vallalar for his spiritual practice by seeing the mirror and many times he experienced kantha kotta murugan.


Features of Sreemath Ramalinga Swamigal Madalayam

  • Every day Anna Dhanam is performed for poor people in the Noon Time.
  • Every month 3 rd Sunday “SATHVICHARAM” is conducted by several sanmarga speakers from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.
  • Every month Eye Camp is conducted in this Madalayam with Co-operation from well known Eye Hospitals.
  • Every Sunday Free Yoga Camp is conducted.
  • Every week Moral Classes are conducted for Children.
  • “SENNERI” a Sanmarga Magazine is distributed at Free of cost.
  • Gnana Sariyai’ the Book Contained 28 Poems prescribed by Vallal Perumanar is distributed to all the peoples at reduced price.
  • Effort is being taken to inaugurate a T.V Channel namely “DAYA NERI” to bring the Peace, mercy, and Love to all the people and to spread the principles of SANMARAGAM and PEACE.
  • At reduced Price, the SANMARKA BOOKS and Herbal Medicine are sold. at this madalayam.
  • Every Month, the day of FULLMOON Mahamandhira Thiru Vilakku pooja has conducted for the Health and Wealth of the Society.


  • To form a Education Commitee through which the school will be build to give free education with high standard.
  • To train them with good discipline and help them to find their talents apart from book education.
  • To form a television channel in order to Spread Ramaliga Vallalar’s sanmargam through out world. And to maintain world’s peace by implementing them.
  • In near by future a mobile Dharma Salai (Food for hunger) will be built through which home less elders and children will be fed.
  • Free eye medical camps and other treatment should be given free.

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