At every point of time many saints appeared and spread their Teachings and mottos among the people in order to arrive a prosperous world, Among them Thiru ArutPrakasa Ramalainga Swamigal Alias Vallalar is the Greatest saint who born in the year 1823 (5-10-1823) at the remote village called as Maruthur in Vadalur, Cuddalure District, Tamilnadu. His parents are Ramaiah Pillai and Chinnaammair. His parent brought him up with love and care and Vallalar as a child sing the poetic songs of god.

Over taking the religion, caste and creed Vallalar shows the true god to the entire world. Vallalar lived in Chennai for 30 years at Veerasamy street in Seven wells area. He had the habit of going to vadivudai Amman Temple at Thiruvottriyur and Pattinathar Temple every day during His stay at Chennai.

Those who wasting their time by searching god at outside it is very easy to find the true god in each and every soul. This Holy secret is conveyed to all the people by vallalar whom the God sent to this world for this purpose only and this can clearly mentioned in the 1273rd poem of the VI Edition of Thiru Arutpa. The poems wrote by Vallalar are grouped and printed in book shape namely Thiru Arutpa there who not melted for Thiruvasagam can easily mesmerized for Thiru Arutpa.Vallalar left Chennai during the year 1858 and lived in karunkuzhi , which is near to vadalur, at this place Vallalar lit the light with water instead of oil by Miracle and continued to write Thiru Arutpa verses.

  • To spread His principles of Vallalar he founded SANMARGA SANGAM. VALLALAR taught JEEVA KARUNYAM. Treating other human being and living creatures like us is the main principle of Jeeva karunyam .
  • To give full fill Jeeva Karunyam Principles on 23.06.1867 Vallalar Started VADALUR SATHYA DHARMA SALAI. Till today the Dharma salai is Feeding all the hunger People who visited the Dharma salai at any time everyday.
  • In the year 1871 Vallalar stared world samarage alayam alias “SATHYA GNANASABHAI”. This sabhai is beyond Caste creed, and Religion and is the fine example of Vallalar’s is brilliant Knowledge on Human Anatomy.
  • In Mettukuppam on 22.10.1873 vallalar kept inside the Aruljothi thiruvillakku at the so called “SIDHI VALLAGAM” and raised this SANMARGA Flag. Vallalar delivered a wonderful speech which in called as “PERUPADESAM” all there who follow this speech will live happily not only in this life period but also in next life Period.
  • On 30.01.1874 Vallalar went inside this “SIDHI VALLAGAM” sacred House and locked the House. His Body disappeared and become Arutperunjothi (Spiritual light) and Vallalar is still living with us.

  • Sreemath Ramalinga Swamigal Madalayam

    Ramaliga Vallalar lived in Chennai and went to Arulmighu Vaduvudai Amman Temple, at Thiruvottiyur, and worshipped the Amman and returned to this Madalayam and sitting under a big tree (in Those days this area is surrounded by trees) and started meditation. This worship is continuously in progress by his disciples and in the year 1905 a twenty year old youngster namely Perumalsamy stayed in this ashramam permanently and worshipped the “Deepam” without any break and feeding food to the hunger people.

    In the year 1926 thiru Perumal samy ayya build the inner sanctum of madalayam. Thiru perumal samy Avargal expanded this Madalayam from the contribution of lands donated by the followers of Ramaliga Vallalar. He sacrifice his whole life for the SANMARGA Activities and many sanmarga worshipers assist him for the growth of this Sreemath Ramalinga Swamigal Madalayam. At last 04.11.1959 Perumal samy ayya Avargal attained mortal life.

    The year 1958 is a special year in the history of Madalayam. In this year Thiru Rajamanickam who is blood related to Thiru Parasuramar who is younger brother to Ramaliga Vallalar, has became Tustee of this Madalayam . He brought sacred Mirror from the Ramaliga Vallalar House to this madalayam for people worship. This sacred mirror used by Ramaliga Vallalar for his spiritual practice by seeing the mirror and many times he experienced kantha kotta murugan.

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